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From all the services you’ll have to choose for your wedding one of the most important is to choose the best DJ for your wedding party. On the most important and exciting night of your life make sure you will have one of the best wedding DJs at your wedding party!

Want a unique wedding party?  Looking for an experienced, skilled, and passionate Wedding Dj?

You are at the right place! Make sure you have one of the best Wedding DJs in Cyprus for your wedding party!

For years now. we do Unique Wedding parties, turning our music into memories of a lifetime!

We bring our experience, passion, and dedication to each wedding making sure you will have a Unique Wedding Party, a party that will be remembered by you and your guests for years to come!

Our services include:

– No hidden costs – You will get a full package offer

– No time limit for your Wedding party

– Quantity and quality of songs – Thousands of songs available for you to choose for your wedding party and in the highest audio quality

– With the latest Dj sound and lighting equipment

– With backup equipment in case of an accident

– Free pre-wedding meeting for the preparation of wedding music playlist – Choose the songs you want to hear and exclude songs that you don’t like

– Free demos are available on our Youtube Channel and Mixcloud Channel


Choosing the best DJ

You have to make many important decisions and also to agree with many professionals for your wedding day. Perhaps the most important service and what will be remembered at the end of your wedding night will be the music and the fun that you and your guests had. A passionate and experienced wedding Dj can take off the wedding party and make it an unforgettable and unique night for you and your guests! But how you will decide and choose the best wedding dj for your wedding night?

Here are some tips and questions that you have to make to your wedding dj to make sure he is the right one for your most important day of your life:

Q: How many wedding parties he has done? How many wedding per year?

This is important because you will get an idea of how successful and experienced he is.

Q: Is he a professional wedding Dj?

A wedding party has almost nothing to do with a club or a bar party. At a wedding party he has to satisfy the needs of a big range of ages.

Ask to see testimonials, photos and videos from previous wedding parties he has done. Especially testimonials are very important so you can see his customer’s satisfaction.

Ask to listen to his music demos with different kinds of music.

Ask about his equipment. What does he bring with him for the party. Also a very important question to ask is if he has back up equipment. This is very important so in case of anything happen to his equipment the party can go on.

Q: Do you offer any other service except sound and music service?

Do you offer stage lighting? Smoke machine or video projector if needed?

Q: What about the playlist for the party?

Is he creating his music playlist according to his couple and their guests needs? So you will listen to your favorite songs or exclude other that you don’t like? Can he help providing suggestions for entrance/cut cake/ first dance song? Can he suggest the main music playlist of the night?

Q: In case something happens to you at our wedding day, what will happen?

There are always bad times that some factors may don’t let your dj to be at your wedding. Sickness or an accident may don’t let your dj to be there. A right professional he has back up options and if something happens to him, he is sure that he will send the best available back up Dj to be at your wedding.

Q: What makes you different from others?

What you will offer in our wedding party? Each one has his own characteristics and play styles, so choose someone who is close to your style and your own characteristics.

And for the end what is the price of his services? After your discussion and after listening to your needs a right professional will be able to give you his offer for your wedding party.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of music do you play?

I play all kind of foreign and Greek music. From old Greek/English songs to the last hits.  Greek/English pop, Oldies, R n B, Reggeaton, Latin, Dance, Dancehall etc. I can play with success almost any kind of music.

Q: How you will create the playlist of our wedding party? Can we give you our favorite songs?

You can give me favorite songs you want to be listened at your wedding party or songs you don’t want to listen. You can also tell me what singers you like/don’t like and your favorite kinds of music so I will make a plan based on your needs and favorite kinds/singers/songs.

Q: Do you take requests during the party?

Of course I do as far as they are in the guidelines you gave me before the party. If they are not I will ask you and you will decide if I will play it or not. Also each requests will be played when the kind of music is in it is played. Also if a request is possible to make people leave dance floor I won’t play it.

Q: How rich is your music library?

My music library has all the old/latest and most requested hits for a wedding party.

Q: What kind of equipment do you have?

I have the latest sound and light equipment – Dj controllers, speakers, microphones, Laptops, stage lighting and smoke machine. And the most important, I have back up equipment in case something goes wrong during the party.

Q: From what time you start your performance?

I will be at the wedding venue before you and your guests and I will welcome you with my music once you arrive.

Q: Until what time do you stay at the party?

There is no time limit as long as there is a good number of people dancing in the dance floor.

Q: Can we see you performing in a wedding?

Of course you can, but each wedding has different kinds of people and maybe the couple choices won’t be like the ones you want to listen at your wedding party.

Q: Do you have any demos we can listen to?

Yes, I have many demos in my website and in my mixcloud channel here .

Q: Can we see photos/videos/testimonials from passed weddings?

Of course you can see many photos/videos/testimonials of passed weddings in my websites gallery or on my Facebook page here.

Q: Why we will choose you to be at our wedding party?

Because i have the passion, the experience and the enthusiasm to make your party Unique and create an unforgettable night for you and your guests.

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